Samsung CF791 ultrawide curved gaming monitor review

The Samsung CF791 is still the best ultrawide monitor you can buy

When you’re seated in front of a curved ultrawide monitor, games like Deus Ex: Mankind Divided just commandeer your entire field of view, pulling you into another world. Walking the neon-bathed streets of a futuristic Prague while rain pours in thick, heavy sheets, it’s easy to lose yourself.

It’s no wonder these monitors started to really pick up steam in the latter parts of 2016 — and they’re poised to take over the market entirely in 2018. Prices are going down, performance is going up, and companies like Samsung are rolling out ultrawide curved monitors to match growing customer demand.

The Samsung CF791 is one such monitor. It’s a 34-inch, ultrawide monitor with a curve deep enough to wrap around your entire field of vision. Those specifications on their own would be impressive, but the CF791 has another trick up its sleeve: Quantum dots.

Yep, this monitor is filled to the brim with those nanocrystal semiconductors that bend light to their will and deliver unparalleled color depth, contrast ratios, and all sorts of other stimuli for your retinas. Quantum dots are supposed to deliver sharp, accurate colors at a much lower price than their OLED competitors, and the Samsung CF791 retails for $739. Its original retail price was $1,000 but it’s come down a significant amount since its initial release.


From edge-to-edge, the CF791 delivers rich, velvety colors. Watching a movie trailer, colors just cascade across the screen, reds leap out against deep, inky blacks, whites are sharp and stark. These colors don’t run, they don’t bleed, they are precisely where they need to be and they never stray outside the lines. Even when bright vibrant beet-reds are contrasted against snowy whites, the CF791 never misses a beat.


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