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The number of free borrowing e-books included in the Unlimited plan is not very large, and the overall quality is not very high, but there are still many good works.

In addition to Unlimited, Amazon has a large number of free public books. This type of book contains a large number of classic works, from Tang poetry and Song poetry to the original English and American literature. Everyone probably read the translation when they were young. Just need to quickly search and download when you need to quote, free of charge. If you want to relive your childhood good book, you can enter the "free public version book" to search all.

Another advantage of the Kindle store is that it has many foreign language books. In addition to the special books mentioned above, there are also a variety of best-selling original works, including many Pulitzer Prize-winning works, and very new professional textbooks, which are not available in physical bookstores.

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